3 Reasons Art Galleries Are Failing in 2021

There’s no doubt the pandemic screwed us up. We’re still trying to figure out where to go from here. Nothing will ever be the same, especially for artists. That’s because, art as a whole has evolved and to be honest creativity has really taken a turn and for the better. You want to know who’s having a hard time with change?

Art galleries and museums.

Here’s three reasons why art galleries are failing…

  1. Attitude

Art galleries for years have always handled their operations like snobby elitist who are the only dictators of what real art is. This behavior is outdated and toxic af. It may have worked in the past, but now it’s just not practical. The market has changed and artists, as well as art collectors have evolved emotionally and socially. Art gallery owners can no longer dictate how and where the artists’ will and can sell of their work. Their outdated approach for dealing with artists have literally pushed artists to find different avenues for exhibiting and sharing their work.

Artists who do opt to work with galleries are beginning to realize and understand that the idea is to find galleries that work for them, and not them working for the gallery.

Artists have awakened to the fact that the gallery could not, and cannot exist without them. They are well aware that in today’s world artists can make it big without galleries. This alone should create a more loyal and humble business connection between gallery operator and the artist. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case.

2. Lack of Social Media Marketing Efforts

How many art galleries can you find with good social media marketing skills? I’ll wait.

Exactly, not many. Most gallery operators are not computer savvy or they have this attitude that they don’t need social media to promote their artists. This idea is undeniably false. Most art collectors are scrolling and looking for art on their mobile device. Social media is exactly where art galleries need to be if they want to find buyers. Unfortunately, their marketing and efforts are poor at best. They lack the engagement and consistency that is needed to sell their artist work and grow their gallery. This is a dead end for emerging art.

3. Resistance to Change

Art galleries can sometimes exhibit the most beautiful canvased art or framed photography. Creating art by hand or capturing the most memorable moment in a photo will always be the foundation of art. However it is not the only medium that has value. Digital artists are on the rise and now with NFT taking position in the art space, the world of art has opened it’s gates and there is a limitless option of how art can inspire others. New age artists have begun scanning their paintings and modifying the digital version of their artwork to give it momentum. In effort to add value to their modified digital art they are selling it as an NFT to NFT collectors and then printing them on acrylic glass as a tangible item. Yet art galleries are so stuck in their old ways they can’t let their ego go and adapt to the change.

It’s 2021 and like Biggie Smalls once said, Things done changed. In order for art galleries to find growth they will need to reevaluate how they have been doing business and be open to new possibilities. There are more and more emerging artists rising to the top of digital art and this does not infringe on traditional artists at all but rather it adds to the pool of creativity and presents an opportunity for both to collaborate.

I love to inspire people and its my pleasure to share digital art and the emerging artists that are re-shaping the world.